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21. September 2013,, ~ / Vorkassebetrug fraud scam

ebenfalls,,,,,,,,,,, alias John Hughes

"I am glad to hear that.I am sure you are a genuine person and i will be more than happy to have you in my apartment.
Last week I found someone who wanted to rent it but when I arrived there and he never answered my calls again and I lost 2 plane tickets and 2 days of work. We can not meet to show you the apartment because I do not want to risk to lose money and time again. That's why I let the keys and contract of the apt at in London and using their system, you can inspect the apt and decide if you want to keep it or not.The reservation will be made through and they will also help us to make a third party transaction so you can therefore feel safe about this deal. I'm Requiring the first month of rent Which is 595 Euros + 595 Euros deposit warranty. ~ Rental Ltd ~ / Vorkassebetrug fraud scam

Thank you for your reply.
After analyzing all the applications together with my wife we decided that you would be suitable to rent the apartment.
As I said, the total price which you'll have to pay for one month of rent (warm miete) will be €350, no additional costs.
The rent will be paid monthly, directly to my British bank account.
In order to view the flat and settle a deal, you will need the keys, and the contract .
Since I am unable to come to Austria personally, and my daughter is already back here, I've hired a major real estate agency from London, specialized in international rentals, to represent me.
They are called Rental Ltd, and their website is: . alias Alexander Knut +234-802-586-6424 oder 002348025866424 / Vorkassebetrug fraud scam

siehe auch" alias Benjamin Oskar

Frisch renovierte 2-Zimmer Wohnung in zentraler Lage ab sofort zu
 Ludwig-Scriba-Str. 29 65929 Frankfurt am Main, Höchst, 65929 West - Höchst alias Emma Rogers / Vorkassebetrug fraud scam

From: Emma Rogers ~
I just received an email of interest in my
apartment . . The apartment has not been inhabited since I
am no longer living in Germany.