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11. Oktober 2016

01525 2007605,,, alias Ing.Paul R Hanson / Vorkassebetrug fraud scam Western Union transfer in Postbank,,,

alias Ing.Paul R Hanson

Fake Passport:
war auch Betrug mit alias Paul Robert Hansen

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Von: "Ing.Paul R Hanson"
I am ready to meet you in München and finish the deal on Saturday as we agreed.I just scanned my personal passport for you to be sure who you will meet!
But it seems that you didn't understand our point of view. I am not asking you for a pre-payment (money in advance)!
First we will meet and after you will see the apartment and the condition of it and you will decide if you rent the penthouse or not you will pay us. I will never ask you for money before you see the apartment.

The Western Union transfer in Postbank is a guarantee for us that you are a serious person and that you are ready to rent our penthouse.

We will come to Germany just for the meeting with you and we need some guarantee that this effort will worth.

The transfer in Postbank has to be done by your wife (or friend) to your name. We want to see that you will be the beneficiary of this transfer (the person who will be able to take the money back from Postbank).

Your wife has to go with the money in cash to the Postbank Office there in your city. Your wife will ask to use Western Union Service to send money to her husband.

She will have to complete a document with some details: her name (as sender), her address, your name (as receiver), your address, amount to send,... Your wife will give the completed document, her ID card and the money in cash (1500e+ TAX) to the Postbank employee. The transfer will be processed in 10 minutes and your wife will receive back her ID card and the document which confirms that the transfer to your name has been done. Once again i confirm you that i will give you back the transfer tax.

You will bring this document with you. You will show the transfer document and your ID card to the Postbank in München at the moment when we will meet and you will receive your money back.

As you can see it is not a difficult procedure. We hope that now you understood our intentions and we hope that you agree with us.

My wife will do the similar transfer to my name and this transfer documents exchange will offer us a little guarantee that the meeting will really take place and that our efforts will not be in vain.

Please inform us what is your decision so we can go further and be sure that we have an agreement and a meeting too.

I am very sorry to inform you that we will not be coming to Germany to meet you if you do not agree with us.

My wife will do the transfer to my name as soon as we will have your confirmation that you accept this and that your wife will do the transfer to your name.

I believe a good deal is based of 100% safety for both sides and with this transfers i want to add a plus of security for me and for you as well that our meeting will take place.

Ing.Paul R Hanson


Von: "Ing.Paul R Hanson"


I am glad to inform you about the place of our meeting, at Augusten Hotel (Augustenstr. 2 | 80333 München | Zentrum). We will arrive there on Friday midday so we can solve with the apartment cleaning and we will have our meeting on Saturday morning at 10:00 am o clock if you also will be agreed.
I am ready to meet you as we agreed and finish the deal. I want to be sure that you will come to the meeting and that you are prepared to rent the penthouse (financially) before we will make this journey.
I consulted my wife and we have a proposal for you.This will bring us a little guarantee that we will really meet.


My wife Annelise will go to the Western Union Office here in Copenhagen and she will transfer 1500 EURO to my name to Germany, München(our meeting place).I will be the beneficiary of 1500 EURO in München.
This will be our proof for you that we will be there to meet you! As soon as the transfer is finished i will scan the paper of my transfer and i will send it to you by e-mail!
The same thing I want from you! You can go to the Western Union Office there in your town to any DEUTSCHE POSTBANK (this is the place in Germany in association with Western Union) and do a transfer of 1500 EURO TO YOUR HUSBAND`S NAME with destination München. I want to see your husband the beneficiary of 1500 EURO in München!This will be the proof for me that he has the money and he will come there to meet me and my wife!
My point is that after i will see this transfer done to your husband`s name i will be sure that he will be there and we will go together to the WesternUnion in München to take our money back.
Maybe you are worried about the transfer tax that you will pay about 75 euro, but because this is my condition, i will give your husband the money-tax back when we will meet.
One more thing you have to know, there is no need for a bank account. This is a transfer person-to-person which is instant. And my condition is to see your husband the Beneficiary (Empfänger) of this transfer so i can be sure about his personal presence to the meeting, the coming of a man (Strong Principle of mine).
If you will read my e-mail carefully you will understand that it is a fair thing for both sides, and this will be a guarantee for us that we will not come to the meeting without any result.
We cannot come to Germany such a long road without having the insurance that we will meet each other.
This is our ONLY condition in this deal and we hope you can respect it so we can have an honorable deal.
We will be waiting for your message and we are sure that we will receive a positive answer.

Ing.Paul R Hanson


Von: "Ing.Paul R Hanson"


We are glad for your answer. The penthouse is located on the Rottmannstr in Maxvorstadt. I am sure that you can understand that we cannot give you now the full address (penthouse and building number) as there is nobody there and the place is alone. But you can check the neighborhood and the street if you want. It is a very perfect place to live, we assure you about this. You will inspect everything when we will meet.

The apartment stands in perfect condition and it is recently renovated. It is free at this moment and we can agree for any period you wish to stay(long or shorter term). We have no plans for this penthouse so you don`t have to worry that suddenly we can announce you that you have to move. There is no way for this to happen.

We both are non-smokers, nobody ever smoked inside the apartment. There is also a parking place and a cellar. The extra costs of the penthouse (nebenkosten) are not high, around 200 euro/month.

As i already announced you we are in Denmark now but if you are decided to have a meeting to see the apartment i am ready to come and meet you in Germany.

I propose you a meeting at the end of next week, Saturday morning xxx in 80333 München.

There will be no need for any other meeting, we will manage the rental documents in order and you can move in the penthouse immediately.

If you will accept i will look for a hotel to stay for me and my wife and i will inform you about the place of meeting.

We will arrive there with one day before our meeting and we will wait for you at the hotel reception. You can decide time when you will arrive. Then we go together to see the apartment. We know a house cleaning company there and we will previously contact them to make an appointment for the day that we arrive (one day before our meeting) to make a general cleaning for your new home before you come to see it.

Thank you.

We hope to hear news from you soon,

Ing.Paul R Hanson


Von: "Ing.Paul R Hanson" ~


Ich möchte Ihnen für Ihr Interesse bedanken und ich schätze Ihre Absicht, meine Penthouse-Wohnung zu mieten. Es ist komplett vor ein paar Monaten renoviert und als modernes Haus entworfen. Sie können es arrangieren, wie es Ihnen gefällt.

Der monatliche Preis beträgt 1265€ pro Monat und ich glaube, es ist bequem für uns beide. Erste Zahlung wird 1 + 1 (ein Monat Miete bezahlt und eine Monatsmiete Kaution Bindung [Kaution]).

Wir leben in der Hauptstadt von Dänemark, Kopenhagen (København) befindet sich in der Region Hovedstaden, ein schöner Ort auf der Insel Sjælland.

Früher haben wir unsere Sommer- und Winterurlaub in Deutschland verbringen und das ist, warum wir unsere Wohnung dort in 80333 München gehalten. Ich bin der einzige Besitzer.

Der Grund dafür jetzt zu mieten ist, dass wir ein schönes Paar von Rentnern sind (ich habe 66 und meine geliebte Frau hat 65 Jahre), haben wir unsere Zeit gerne verbringen (und Geld) um die Welt reisen, so das Penthouse in Deutschland nicht Priorität mehr für uns.

Wenn Sie einverstanden sind, und Sie sind für ein Treffen entschieden, die Wohnung zu sehen und einen Mietvertrag machen wir bereit sind, eine Reise nach Deutschland zu machen und Sie persönlich in 80333 München treffen.

Bitte sagen Sie uns, wo Sie jetzt leben Sie? Wir würden gerne mehr über Sie wissen, damit wir Ihnen einen Termin vorschlagen.

Wir haben den Glauben, dass dies ein gutes Geschäft sein!

Mit freundlicher dänischen Grüßen,

Ing.Paul R Hanson

PS:Herr Florian Winkel ist unsere deutschen Nachbarn, die hier in Kopenhagen lebt und hat uns geholfen, mit der Website Anzeige der Miete. Mein Deutsch ist in wenigen Worten begrenzt, so dass ich eine Menge wünschen unser Gespräch auf Englisch fortzusetzen.


alias Christian Essiger ~ - alias Simon - Familie Bend alias Peter Rassen, alias Ing.Paul R Hanson

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