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18. Dezember 2016 alias Oliver Stahl; Schöne ein Zimmer Wohnung in Köln, Altstadt & Neustadt-Nord Buttermarkt 16,50667 Köln, Altstadt & Neustadt-Nord / Vorkassebetrug fraud scam alias Oliver Stahl

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Schöne ein Zimmer Wohnung in Köln, Altstadt & Neustadt-Nord
Buttermarkt 16,50667 Köln, Altstadt & Neustadt-Nord
Scout-ID: 91988958 Objekt-Nr.: 16ff43e4-c1a0-49b9-831c-7d190dd387ca

1 raum wohnung
von privat

zentral lage
Buttermarkt 16
50667 Köln


From: Oliver Stahl ~


I just read your e-mail regarding my apartment.
My name is Oliver Stahl, I am 45 years old and I'm working as an architect in London, United Kingdom.
I bought this apartment for my work, but now i`m back at home permanently, so I'm renting it out.
I will not use the place anymore, so you can rent it even for a long term.
The minimum period is 2 months and maximum period is 10 years.
The flat is fully furnished and renovated and equipped with air conditioning, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, LCD TV, etc.
You can use my furniture, or you can also use your own if you prefer. If you decide to use yours, you can store my furniture in the large basement cellar.
Also, very important, the utilities (water, electricity,Internet, digital TV,) are included in the rent of 500,00 EUR
If you are interested in renting my apartment, please email me back.

Friendly greetings from United Kingdom!
Oliver Stahl

From: Oliver Stahl
Hello again,
You seem to be a very nice person and I can assure that will be a pleasure for you to stay in my apartment.
The flat is fully furnished and renovated.
Like I have informed you before, the price that you shall have to pay for one month of rent is 500 EUR
The utilities (water, electricity,Internet, digital TV,) are included in the rent costs.
The kaution is 500 EUR and you will get it back when you will move out (I will need a 30 days notice).
I will not have a problem if you want to keep a pet in the house, as long as nothing is damaged.
Unfortunately, my health and ongoing treatment don't allow me to do any traveling for the next few months, so I will not be able to come and meet with you personally for a while.
However, this won't affect the rental at all.
I will make the arrangements with a real estate agency.
The name of the real estate agency is Airbnb, they will do all necessary documents, send you the keys, the rent contract and manage the monthly rents.
I wait your email to explain you the procedure step by step.

Friendly greetings from United Kingdom!
Oliver Stahl



In order to start the transaction with Airbnb your must register on
After that please send me your full information:

Airbnb username:
Full name:
Postal Code:

After I will receive this information I will start the transaction with Airbnb.
Airbnb will check the rental documents to see if everything is OK and also the legal papers that will come along with the Keys.
After the documents are signed they will send you an email notification to let you know that they have the Keys and the papers in their custody.
Along with this notification you will receive the Airbnb payment details in order to send them the money for the  first rental month + security deposit (1000.00 €) so they can send the envelope with the contract and Keys.?
After you make the payment, you will have to send them the proof of payment in order to verify the information of payment.
Once the money are received by Airbnb they will deliver the envelope to your address.
Airbnb will hold the money until you will confirm to them that you like the apartment and keep the keys.
After you receive the envelope with documents and keys, you will go and check the apartment and in maximum 3 days you must contact them and tell them if you keep the apartment or not.
If everything is in order and you want to keep the apartment, Airbnb will manage the monthly rents.
If you don't like the apartment they will return you the money and then you will send them the keys and the contract.
I wait your email with your information to go at the Airbnb and do the documents.

Best Regards,

Oliver Stahl

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